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5 Big Benefits of Big Data Analytics in Education

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Your institution’s most powerful tool is something you’ve already been collecting for years: Big data. Big data refers to the massive amount of information that we create on a daily basis. Since students, teachers and administrators leave an endless trail of data throughout their time at your institution, this information can be used to gain…

3 Reports to Understand Declining College Enrollments

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From the downsizing at Western Illinois University to the closure of Wheelock College, declining enrollments are affecting institutions and students across the country. Two-year community colleges seem to have been hit hardest. When the economy is strong — like it is now — enrollments decline, and the projected decreases in high school graduates are adding…

5 Trends in Higher Education to Watch in 2019

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In 2018, higher education grappled with declining enrollments, financial uncertainties and unique localized challenges. But the year is over and as we look at trends in higher education for 2019, it helps to remember a quote from Charles Darwin: “The species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to…

3 Ways to Use Data Analytics to Succeed with Guided Pathways

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In higher education, nearly every decision is focused on student success. The guided pathways education model is one of the latest methodologies requiring institutions to make crucial choices that have the power to improve student outcomes. There are many ways in which guided pathways can be beneficial for students but implementing this strategy will require…

How Higher Education is Using Big Data to Make Smart Decisions

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The practice of collecting and using information is nothing new, but technology has revolutionized how we collect, store and utilize that data. In fact, every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time until the year 2000 — can you imagine recording all of that information through spreadsheets…

How to Use Data Analytics for Accreditation & Strategic Planning in Higher Education

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As much as administrators want to believe that they know what’s best for their students, it’s difficult to truly understand their needs when you aren’t a student yourself. This is why it can be complicated for institutions to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that prioritizes student success or complete a self-evaluation for the accreditation process…

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