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How Higher Education is Using Big Data to Make Smart Decisions

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The practice of collecting and using information is nothing new, but technology has revolutionized how we collect, store and utilize that data. In fact, every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time until the year 2000 — can you imagine recording all of that information through spreadsheets…

How to Use Data Analytics for Accreditation & Strategic Planning in Higher Education

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As much as administrators want to believe that they know what’s best for their students, it’s difficult to truly understand their needs when you aren’t a student yourself. This is why it can be complicated for institutions to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that prioritizes student success or complete a self-evaluation for the accreditation process…
How California Community Colleges Can Satisfy AB 705

How California Community Colleges Can Satisfy AB 705

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With the introduction of AB 705, California Community Colleges have a lot of work to do. They have until fall 2019 to determine how to best meet the demands of this new law while also continuing to help their students succeed. This may seem far off but the clock is ticking and there are a…

5 Tips to Help You Succeed with Higher Education Data Software

  • Data Analytics 101
Deciding to implement higher education software at your college or university is just the beginning of your relationship with data analytics. Using, assessing, managing and putting all your data to work for the benefit of your institution is an entirely different ballgame. The higher education sector is known to be a bit reluctant when it…

4 Smart Tips to Help You Find the Best Higher Education Data Analytics Software

  • Data Analytics 101
Data analytics in higher education is incredibly useful when it comes to tracking trends that could help you better plan and prepare for your institution’s success. The only thing standing between you and these data-driven, actionable insights is your reporting software. Sounds like an easy fix, right? Not exactly. Without the right reporting software, putting…

3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Higher Education Software Company [+ Bonus Tips!]

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Your institution’s data has the power to give you a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting, retaining and graduating your students. The only barrier is utilizing the right higher education software program to effectively turn that data into actionable insights. But with the influx of software programs for educational data analytics and reporting, institutions…

How to Find Your Perfect Data Analytics Software


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