Section Fill Rate

The more you’re able to fill your classes, the better it is for your institution. With Precision Campus, you have all the tools you need to assess specific courses with multiple sections so you can analyze resource allocation and better manage enrollments.

Reporting Capabilities

If you have 10 sections of ENG 101 with low fill rates, the last thing you want to do is waste faculty time and class space. Precision Campus makes it easy to interpret your data so you can take proactive steps to save your resources.

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Track Trends

Use your data to identify enrollment declines or low fill rates in certain course sections over a customizable period of time.

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Filter Endlessly

Check fill rate data by certain courses, departments or in your institution as a whole. There’s no limit to the data you can access.

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Explore Data 24/7

With secure, interactive access to your data, you can analyze trends and pull reports whenever and wherever you need.

Use Your Existing Data to Properly Allocate Costly Resources

Efficiently using your institution’s resources has the potential to eliminate waste and save costs.

What is your Section Fill Rate data telling you? Do you need to hire more professors for certain subjects or move low enrollment classes to smaller rooms? How much are wasted resources costing you?

With enrollments continuing to fluctuate from term to term, having an accurate and insightful view into your course sections is crucial. The reporting capabilities behind Precision Campus will provide the context you need to ensure that your productivity levels remain consistent and your resources are allocated properly.

Benefits of Precision Campus for Section Fill Rate Data

Determine if courses with low section fill rates can be condensed, if you need to hire additional professors or if your institution just has a general inventory problem.

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Ease IR’s Burden

Precision Campus is easy to use and anyone with credentials can access the data they need, thus eliminating the need for Institutional Researchers to do it for you.

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Make Data Visual

Numbers on a page do little to drive decision-making. Precision Campus lets you create valuable, customized presentations that drive action.

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Keep Data Safe

With our secure data upload portal, your Institutional Researchers can easily send files directly to our team and see the data clearly on their browsers.

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