Faculty Workload & Faculty Productivity

With declining enrollments and limited resources a major concern for institutions across the country, assessing the productivity of your faculty is more important than ever before. Fortunately, the workloads of your faculty can be represented by data that can provide insight into where your institution may be able to improve.

Reporting Capabilities

Creating detailed reports every semester is time-consuming and complicated. Precision Campus is designed to make it quick and easy for higher education professionals to visualize data and make improvements where necessary.

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Freedom of Access

Anyone with credentials can create the report they need, whenever they need it, with no programmer or IT training necessary.

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Automate Faculty Details

There’s no need for manual data collection and reporting; Precision Campus automates everything, saving you time and effort.

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Faculty Visibility

Reports show all faculty assignments, classes and release times by semester, giving you insight into departmental workloads.

Use Automated Data to Assess & Improve Productivity Levels


You have processes in place to keep track of your students’ success, but what about your faculty?

Your institution has certain expectations for your faculty. Precision Campus makes it easy to keep track of their workload from an individual and departmental standpoint.

Are you hoping to increase productivity? Enrollment numbers can often affect faculty productivity levels, which is why a reliable reporting process is vital. With Precision Campus, you’re able to assess their full-time, part-time and overtime workload and use the information for your state-mandated compliance reports.

Benefits of Precision Campus for Faculty Productivity Reports

We understand that your data holds great value when it comes to decision-making, which is why our software was designed exclusively with higher education in mind.

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24/7 Data Access

Anyone with access to Precision Campus has the ability to explore data and create reports whenever they need them.

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Keep Data Secure

Our cloud technology is supported by more security than an in-house setup, and we’ll only store the data you send us.

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Collaborate & Share

Filter data and customize reports any way you need. You can also save and share reports through PDFs, CSVs or emails.

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