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We’ve reimagined a data analytics solution for the modern campus from the ground up. Our automated, hosted solution is fast, affordable and secure, giving deans, faculty and other employees access to reports when and where they need them. Plus, it can all be built without burdening your IT department — or your budget.

Focus Areas


Define your cohorts and track their successes.

Retention &
Student Success

Visually appealing tables and charts describe retention and graduation rates and identify stop-outs.

Course Success

Drill down to see student success patterns for each course section.

Year-Over-Year Enrollment Tracking

Readily discover enrollment trends for upcoming terms updated each day.

Course Section Optimization

Find efficiencies with reports that reveal patterns of overbooked courses or under-used classrooms.

Tuition & Revenue

Track charges and tuition trends over time.


Take a Look at Our Standard Reports — All of Which Can Be Customized to Your Needs


Powerful Analytics

Empower deans and department chairs to examine their own data and discover their own insights. The visually appealing and friendly reports encourage exploration and discovery.

Easily Accessible

All reports are seamlessly delivered through your browser without the need for installing software or plugins.

Modern Visualization

Precision Campus presents your data sets in new ways, allowing greater insight into previously hidden data. Relationships, trends and outliers reveal themselves in ways that traditional tabular presentation just can’t.

Build & Share Your Own Reports

With open access to customizable data, you can leverage your own insights by sharing your reports throughout your institution.


Precision Campus will work with you to design customizable reports that are built to meet your institution’s specific needs.

Hosted & Secure

Get started in days, not months, by uploading your data to the Precision Campus secure database.


Data Upload

The Precision Campus Administration Portal includes a secure data upload portal. IR analysts can send their TXT or CSV files right to Precision Campus and see their data on their browsers.

Advanced Filtering

Gender, credit type, ethnicity, method of instruction and beyond — drill down and filter by dozens of variables, all within your browser.

Grouping Departments

Group departments, divisions, colleges and course subjects together or separately in your results for comparative insights.

Share & Track

Follow groups of students through their academic career and as they achieve milestones. Share data, results and insights within your institution.

Nightly Pull

Get automated daily enrollment updates. We’ll work with your IT department to extract the necessary data, upload the results to our platform and process the results.

Sequence Tracking

Follow students through a succession of courses that you define.

Your mission is student success. Our mission is to give you the insights to get there.

"Precision Campus provides very important data and metrics around historic trends to inform future planning... it’s hard to think of where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve come from."

Dr. David Ulate

Executive Director of Research & Planning for the Foothill-De Anza Community College District

"It's cost-effective and highly customizable, so we don’t need to spend hours developing new reports every time someone makes a request."

Peter Wruck

Dean of Research Planning & Institutional Effectiveness at Gavilan College


Just like how your reporting should be, our pricing is simple, straightforward and honest.

Precision Enterprise

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for schools over 40k students*, call for pricing.

*Based on fall, unduplicated headcount.

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