Classroom Utilization

Optimizing classroom utilization is a simple and effective way to better manage your institution’s resources. Precision Campus makes it easy to visualize your data so you can compile useful Classroom Utilization reports that aid in semester course planning.

Reporting Capabilities

Understanding how and when your classrooms are being used is essential when it comes to creating organized course schedules.

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Endless Filtering

Explore utilization data by department, subject or course and by certain times and days of the week.

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Easy to Use

The intuitive platform can be used by any employee with access — no programming or IT experience necessary.

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24/7 Access

Create, pull and analyze reports whenever and wherever you need. All you need to do is log in and get started.

Optimize Resources by Understanding Classroom Usage

Are your classrooms being used efficiently?

Half-full courses and empty classrooms can put a strain on institutional resources. Electricity, heating, cooling and specific classroom tools cost money to run and service, which is why an efficient classroom planning process is vital to efficient resource allocation.

Precision Campus transforms your data into visual reports, making it easy to spot inefficiencies. By looking at course enrollments, you can easily identify where you can add, remove or merge sections. You can also see where low-enrollment sections may be able to move to smaller classrooms or if there is an opportunity to adjust the time or day a certain class is offered.

Benefits of Precision Campus for Classroom Utilization Data

Precision Campus can be used as an overall planning tool for reassessing schedules during registration periods, as well as throughout the year.


Easily Share Reports

Create reports quickly and then download them as PDFs or CSVs. You can also email reports directly to your colleagues.

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Keep Your Data Secure

Using a secure upload portal, all you need to do is share your files with our team to start putting your data to use.


Visualize Your Data

See your data in new, dynamic ways with customizable bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts for easier decision-making.