Course Success Rates

The results of your Course Success Rate reports can tell you the likelihood of students returning to your college or university. Fortunately, thorough analysis of the completion and success rates in these reports can help you detect patterns and enforce policies that can save your institution time, money and other valuable resources.

Reporting Capabilities

Created exclusively for higher education, our software helps you effortlessly create and analyze course completion and success rates so you can make more informed decisions that will benefit your college or university.

Satisfy Reporting Requirements

Create custom Course Success Rate reports that are mandated by your state’s education department, requested from decision-makers or necessary for accreditation purposes.


Drill Down Data by Limitless Options

Dive deep into your data sets to see how specific departments, programs and courses are contributing to your retention, graduation and dropout rates.


Publicize Data for Recruitment

If your biology program has the data to prove excellent course success rates, you can share reports with prospective students as part of your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Improve Course Outcomes with Policies Backed by Data

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Improve Course Outcomes with Policies Backed by Data

When a course has a low success rate, it can be a sign that there are bigger problems to address.

For example, do students sign up for classes but never attend or neglect to withdraw? If so, their absence likely results in a failing grade, which can affect your Course Success Rates and harm the student’s GPA.

This is why an open access data program that encourages sharing information among professors, department heads, advisors and other faculty members can be vital to your students’ success. With Precision Campus’ reporting capabilities, you can pick up on trends, identify areas of concern and establish policies to improve your scores and help your students avoid failure.

Benefits for Your Course Completion Rates

Benefits for Your Course Completion Rates

Have confidence in your reporting and decision-making by knowing that Precision Campus was built exclusively for institutions like yours.

Intervene Proactively

Use student data to stay ahead of poor grades so that advisors and professors can intervene before a student decides to drop out.

Save Your Resources

Automate your reports, make quick changes and filter by any data set — you can do all of it without depending on the institutional research department.

Access Data Anytime

Because your data is available in one interactive platform, you can pull reports and analyze information anytime throughout the semester to stay on top of course statuses.

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