Retention & Graduation Rates

How many of your first-time students return for the next semester? What percentage of those students graduate? As primary tools for measuring the success of your institution, the results of your Retention Rate and Graduation Rate reports can directly affect how much funding you receive and the success of your students. With so much to gain and even more to lose, these are some of the most important reports your institution needs to create.

Reporting Capabilities

With our easy-to-use software, collecting and analyzing data for Retention Rate and Graduation Rate reports is affordable, quick and painless — so you can spend more time focusing on how to improve your college or university.


Filter By Endless Variables

Analyze retention and graduation rates by any demographic to satisfy federal, state accreditation and internal reporting requirements.

Drill Down by Department/Program

Dive deep into your data to see how specific departments, programs and courses are contributing to your student retention and graduation rates.

Share with Prospective Students

The students you’re recruiting will want to know their chances at your institution. Make your retention and graduation rates publicly available for them to see.

Create Proactive Alerts

Set up an alert system that notifies advisors of failing grades so that you can intervene before a student decides to drop out.

Share & Track Cohorts

Follow groups of students throughout their academic careers. Data can be easily shared among advisors, professors and other faculty members who can support the student.

Upload Data Easily

Our Administration Portal is completely secure, so institutional research analysts can quickly and easily send us TXT or CSV files to see data on their browsers.

Make Full Use of Your Recruitment & Nurturing Efforts

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Colleges and universities spend millions of dollars each year recruiting high school students.

It’s cheaper to retain your current students than to enroll new ones because of the cost investment involved with recruitment efforts. With Precision Campus, you can use data as your catalyst to help students continue to return each semester and ultimately graduate from your institution.


Use our software to effortlessly track first-time, first-year cohorts or other groups throughout their academic careers. If you’re noticing decreased retention and graduation rates, have advisors intervene. Are they dropping out because of their student loan debt? Are social aspects affecting their school life? By using your data to assess student challenges, you can help them succeed while also improving your retention and graduation rates.

Benefits for Your Retention & Graduation Rates

Built exclusively for higher education, Precision Campus equips colleges and universities with the exact tools they need to empower their students to graduate.


Explore Data Whenever You Need

Take advantage of the freedom you have anytime! With secured, interactive access to your data, you can make data-driven decisions whenever you want.

Keep Everything Secure

We know security is crucial for higher education. That’s why our cloud technology is backed by more security than any in-house option. Plus, the cloud will only store the data you send us.

Better Visualize Your Reports

With our customization capabilities, you can transform your static PDF reports or Excel spreadsheets into dynamic, decision-driving presentations.

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