Persistence Rate

What makes a student persist on to the next semester? What causes them to drop out? Whether term-to-term or year-to-year, Persistence Rate reports are one of the most important ways higher education can gain perspective into student trends to determine how to improve retention.

Reporting Capabilities

Our software makes creating and analyzing Persistence Rate reports quick and painless. The easy-to-use dashboard gives you advanced filtering options so that you can effortlessly track cohorts and then make data-driven decisions to improve or maintain your Persistence Rates.

Create Mandated Reports

Whether required by your state, requested from decision-makers or necessary for the accreditation process, your reports can easily be automated, customized and shared.

Cut Data by Any Variable

Evaluate a limitless selection of demographics in real time to track trends that will give you valuable insight into student progress, which you can compare to your campus as a whole.

Analyze Any Type of Cohort

Go beyond just analyzing first-time, first-year students by creating reports for transfer students, certain programs, financial aid recipients and other groups whose lifecycles you’d like to track.

Help Students Persist While Improving Retention

Help Students Persist While Improving Retention

By assessing Persistence Rates, colleges and universities can adopt the student perspective to better understand their motivation and the external factors that can affect their education.

Does your engineering program see an excessive amount of dropouts between the fall and spring semesters of junior year? Are working students inevitably unable to balance schoolwork with their job responsibilities? Your Persistence Rate reports have the power to give you valuable insight into these questions and others that plague the higher education industry.

Gaining this insight starts with a unified view and open access to your institution’s data. The software capabilities behind Precision Campus equip institutions of all sizes with the tools necessary to identify trends, evaluate areas of concern and create policies to improve Persistence Rates.

Benefits of Precision Campus for Persistence Rates

Implement a more efficient reporting process with software designed exclusively for the unique needs of the higher education industry.

Access Data 24/7/365

Anytime, anywhere, you and your employees can review data and create your own reports on our cloud-based, interactive platform.

Keep Your Data Secure

Security is a must-have for institutions, which is why our cloud-based technology is supported by the highest level of protection. The only information that will be stored is the data you provide.

Save Time & Resources

There’s no need to depend on your institutional research department. You have the power to customize variables, pull reports and begin analyzing data on your own terms.